First, make sure the jack cable is properly connected to your device and that 3D Sound One is properly paired and connected via Bluetooth to your device.

In case you are still not getting any sound, this issue could be an audio compatibility issue. 

For instance, we know that the Razer Surround software modifies the system and 3D Sound One is not compatible with it.

To identify this kind of problems, do the following:

1. Open the Control Panel Device Manager.

Images intégrées 1

2. In the Device Manager, look at the list of sound cards and select the physical sound card (not the 3D Sound One) wired to the headset with a jack cable. In the example below, it's probably the Realtek card.

Images intégrées 2

3. Look at the sound card properties, in the "Details" tab. The property of interest is "Upper Filters".

Images intégrées 3

The correct value is "3dslfd"

. If the property doesn't exist or doesn't contain 3dslfd, our driver has not been installed properly.

. If there are more filters than 3dslfd, some 3rd-party software is also installed and possibly interfering with our driver.

In the later case, the solution might be to use another a sound card or another computer to test, or to temporarily disable/uninstall the other software.

Please feel free to reach our technical support at