If your headphones are stuck with a steady purple or steady green LED, you can put your th in "Rescue Mode" by following these simples steps :

On iOS :

1. Go to "Menu"

2. Clic on "Headset"

3. Clic on "Rescue"

4. Wait for the two updates, then click on "Ok"

The LED is blinking Blue, you can enjoy 3D audio with the 3D Sound One.

On Windows:

1. Open the "3D Sound One" driver

2. In the "Update" tab, click on "Rescue..".

3. While performing the rescue/update, your headphones' LED should flash purple. The LED should then blink Blue once your headphones have been rescued.

In case you are still having troubles, please reach our support team by creating a ticket on the Help Center or by email at help@3dsoundlabs.com